How to reach the place?

la nieve

Please contact us if you like to visit:

It’s possible to reach the project by foot or by car (city car is low… better small combi or something a bit “higher” than standard cars…)

  • Dont follow google maps or watever instruction!!!!!
  • The idea if you come by car is to reach the little village Elcoaz from Aoiz or Lumbier…
  • Just before to reach Elkoaz and after a little rock tunnel
  • Turn to the left on the concrete pist (About 30m concrete)
  • folow the main pist up up up then chose right up up up in front of a green door folow climbing to the left (near a u-turn)
  • Folow main pist straight (don t turn left 2-3 possibilities) after few kilometers and the last left possibility you sould pass a grid on the floor
  • Folow few kilometers you should see a fontain on the left..
  • After the fontain (300m) turn to the right direction uli-alto (little hippie sign)…
  • Now you are on the good road but its still long (6km)… There is no possibilities to miss the village, park at the entry you are welcome..
  • Don t forget, the first gear is your best friend, going slow is the best option to keep the car safe… Its about 45min 1h30 to reach the village.. The record is 27min but they broke the car…


Lien pour GPS

GPS: 42.833523, -1.303353